With Maurilia Knowledge and the Association of industrial engineers of Catalonia have developed joint work sessions with experts from both countries

During these days there have been some intense work sessions and technical visits of a delegation of Polish experts in the Department of electronics, Informatics and telecommunications of the Polish Association of electrical engineers, Maurilia Knowledge , ShareBarcelona and the Comissió d’Eficiència Energètica del Col·legi d’Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya. It has been able to participate Benjamin Vera experience's from Bester Generationexpert in renewable energies. The aim has been to develop a project of professional qualification for Polish electricians into three aspects: biomass furnaces and Boilers; Photovoltaic systems and solar heating systems.The next step it will be to make an experiential program in Barcelona in March 2015.

Sessió de treball EICEcoenergiesAgència Catalana d'Energia