SIGMA AIE is the only grouping without spirit of lucre that caters solutions TIC for the institutions of Upper Education in Spain.

The KIA Association, from Kanagawa (Japan) has visited Sigma AIE,with the aim to know the good practical TIC of our country that can contribute to improve his companieskiaand the service offered. Created in the 1996, SIGMA AIE is the only grouping without spirit of lucre that caters solutions TI for the institutions of Upper Education in Spain and has the 20% of the market of the Spanish public of the upper education.e-learning-center

Sigma has 8 public spanish universities as a partners of big prestige, between which, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, or the Universidad of Córdoba . The task of SIGMA facilitates the improvement of the result of the activity of the institutions of upper education in the developmental field, implantation and computer exploitation of the administrative and informative circuits related with the university management.

The KIA Association, created the year 1987, represents the greater organisation of companies of services of information to the Prefectura of Kanagawa, with 334 members. They contribute also to the local communities for assessorar like facilitating ICT infrastructures and do proposals of systems of suitable information for the society. In this sense, were of a lot interest the explanations of SIGMA AIE on his e-Learning Center, created to the 2009, with the aim to give to the company a model of production kia_sigma-aiemore competitive. In this field highlights a project with the Foundation BCN FP that allow the introduction and improvement the training in the field of the new technologies and of development of computer tools to students of formative Cycles of upper degree