The Japanese Nursing Association, has kept meetings of work with the Hospitals of Sant Pau and of Sant Joan de Déu, sanitary referents of Catalonia, to know his models assistencials.

To the Hospital of Sant Pau, have been received by the Direction of Infirmary, have known the internal organisation, the management of the team of infirmary and the different specialisations of the profession, as well as the necessary specific formation in each case.IMG_6118Then, they have done a visit to the different plants of hospitalisation and external queries.

At Hospital of Sant Joan de Déu, have seen the process -since the diagnostic until the income-, that follow the boys and girls with cancer. In this process already detect the needs that will be able to have the patient in the fields of the nutrition, the rehabilitation, the odontology, the ophthalmology or the dermatology go in of others. Finally, they go can visit the installations, including the zone of treatment oncològic, and the boxes of emergencyIMG_6127ncies entre d’altres..

The Japanese Nursing Association is the biggest association of infirmary of the Japan, with more than 4000 professionals.