About us

ShareBarcelona is an initiative of SingularNet  i BGM (Assessorament, Estratègia i Mediació) consisting of professionals from different fields, with over 25 years experience with national and international projects for public and private organizations.

Promotes and integrates the capabilities of the various organizations of the city, making available to third parties aggregated potentials that exist today in Barcelona including: infrastructure, processes, models of urban management and technology, all of interest to professionals working in local governments, science, technology and universities.



What do we do?

Barcelona and its metropolitan area is a city of reference worldwide, due to its remarkable geographic situation and to its compact and diverse urbanism.

Visits, training and new experiences to all those interested in approaching to the solutions developed in Barcelona to create a more sustainable city model.

How do we do it?

Sharebarcelona organizes in all cases adjusted agendas to cover the needs and interests from its clients.

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